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Future Plan

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It is fitting that the site chosen for this project was the place from which most of the homes of the area where built from. The Quarries of the Yanabieh with their distinctive Blue coloured stones where not too long ago bustling with our grandfathers, shipping away at the blue rock to built the homes we all live in. And now, we the children, grand and great grandchildren are coming a full circle and returning to the birthplace of our homes to honour our parent with this Rest Home.

This Property, donated By The Orthodox Monastery of Saint Elias (Deir Mar Elias Shouwaya), will soon be alive again with the sound of builders erecting a monument of thanks to our parents.
The project will consist of a Service building where all the main services will be housed, i.e. Administration, kitchen, restaurant, clinics, parking, Physiotherapy centre, elevators, etc…
Three main building will branch off the Service building which will house the Boarding section; which include bedrooms, TV and lunch rooms, nurse’s stations, etc…
In addition to the main complex, four separate buildings will be erected. These will house small studio apartments (one or two bedrooms) to be leased for people who need the services of the main facility (kitchen, laundry, recreational and medical services), but at the same time require personal privacy. A small clubhouse with a heated outdoor pool will also provide extra activity for the home in addition to summer membership to outside families.
The clubhouse and the Studios are fund generators for the retirement home. The Bedrooms are all similar is sizes and construction. 3 types of furnishings will be available:

  1. Suites for Single occupant,
  2. Twin for dual occupants,
  3. Quadruple for four occupants