Rescue Activities:

Future Plan

Rescue & Social Services Association


Nothing is more rewarding in life than the fulfilment of one’s dream.
And what could be more fulfilling than the realization of a dream that benefits the people most dear to us,Our parents.

In civilized Societies one cannot help but notice the care and effort that is spent in taking care of the Elderly . It is a Noble feast which mirrors the evolution of this society and it’s respect to it’s Elderly.

It is only fitting that the town that gave the world great men and women who excelled in life and became pioneers in their Fields, once again take the lead in proving it’s place as a beacon of civilization and enlightenment in the region.

This effort can only be achieved by the generous support of all of you who believe in this noble effort. We owe our parents, as we owe our children, and ourselves a respectable and comfortable retirement life .

Thank you and God Bless You